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Key Concepts

Welcome to Competency Based Education

All the evidence from different education systems around the world shows that the most important factor in determining how well students do is the quality of teachers and teaching.

There is a consensus that improving teacher quality is one of the most direct and promising strategies for improving education outcomes.

Teacher performance in the classroom is the lifeblood of the educational enterprise. The assessment of teaching performance is a critical part of any attempt to develop a coherent system for the strategic management of teacher performance. Such assessments provide a measure of how well we are achieving such performance.

Teacher Competency Assessment (TCA)

Systems or processes for measuring teaching have been increasingly recognised as an important part of the instructional improvement exercise.

The effective monitoring and assessment of teaching is central to the continuous improvement of the quality of teaching in a school. It is essential to know the strengths of teachers and those aspects of their practice which could be further developed.

From this perspective, the teacher assessment is a vital step in the drive to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning and raise educational standards.