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Key Concepts

Welcome to TNAS – Online Training Needs Assessment System

Alpha Training Needs Assessment System (TNAS) is a web-based tool designed to allow organisations, department groups and individuals to assess their knowledge and skills and identifying what training is required and what specific areas they need training in. TNAS can address particular skill areas and can be customised to focus on specific user groups and topics, thus growing your organisational capabilities and helping you compete more effectively.

Training Needs Assessment System (TNAS)

Training Needs Assessment is an essential requirement to the design of effective training. TNAS helps you determine whether there is a gap between what is required for effective performance and the present level of performance. It indicates if there is a major performance gap that should be addressed immediately.

TNAS provides a realistic basis upon which to plan, program, budget, direct and evaluate a viable training program. It is efficient and easy way to assist HR professionals in the needed assessment. It helps users target their training to improve performance, empower individuals in the organisation to own their development activities, catch up to the needs of job roles and build new process expertise faster.

How TNAS Works

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Training needs analysis is the first
critical stage in the training cycle



Customise TNAS for:

  • Training areas
  • Training Courses
  • Skills Inventory
  • Competency Library
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • and more

Use TNAS on three levels

  • Organisational
  • Occupational
  • Individual …